Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Fabulous 80s :)

This post is dedicated to everything 80s! :) I love it that the 80s are back!! This was an electrifying decade where decadent clothing and outlandish accessories went beautifully together. A decade where big hair and even bigger makeup were appreciated. :) I'll post 3 of my favorite songs, among many, in the upcoming posts.

I'm SOOO excited about this post!!!!!! I'm posting on one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE SONGS EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is none other than "Don't Stop Believing" by Journey! Have you ever loved a song so much that no matter when or where you hear it or how many times you have heard it, you just end up loving it even more? Well, such a song is "Don't Stop Beliving" for me!!!! It's such an exciting time for Journey now as well. With the band re-united with an INCREDIBLE new, lead singer, Arnel Pineda, the band is at its peak in popularity. While Journey was becoming hotter than ever again, my sister introduced me to an incredible new show, The Glee Club, on Fox. They did a cover on this song a few weeks ago and I almost fell off my chair!!!!!!!!!!!! It was hotter than ever and I couldn't have imagined a better performance! Just as pink lipstick and broad shoulders are in again, what a fitting time for Journey to come back and for their songs to be popular with the current generation!!! :)

I love this song SOOOOOOOOOO much that I'll be posting two versions of it.
">This version is performed with Arnel Pineda, who I think has one of the most unbelievable stories to tell!!!! He's talented beyond belief and SOOOO humble! Enjoy this amazing performance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last but not least, here's the "Glee Club" performing "Don't Stop Believing." I hope you guys are convinced about how much I love this song.. hahaha..:) ENJOYYYY! xoxo.

Glee - Don't Stop Believe
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